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I heart Twitter. I do. But it drives me nuts that I can’t keep track ofall the links I’ve saved there, since I generally use it to post links to awesome blogs that I want to remember. So here’s a list.

Last updated on 09/25/09.



BMI Illustrated – in which there is a slide show of a number of people with their supposed BMI value added, showing just how ridiculous this is.

Size 24 Is Not a Death Sentence – on fat heroines in fiction.

Helpful Diet Tips – in which Kate Harding with the help of her readers picks apart the Weight Watchers.

Philosophical thoughts on body fat – which speaks of “fat” as being a relative term, and other interesting things.

Who Says Americans Are Too Fat? – about being fat and healthy at the same time.



This Is What a Feminist Secretary of State Sounds Like – in which Hillary Clinton answers a question on pro-choice.

A Look at Crisis Pregnancy Centers – a really interesting insight into clinics specialising in stalling women until abortion is no longer possible.

Abortion law would give fathers a say State legislators propose; opponents blast bill as ‘extreme’ – about a law which potentially hinders women from having an abortion without an OK from the supposed father.

Another post about rape – which speaks of women being conditioned to not make a fuss, to not scream and yell and run frantic from a predator.

Hottest 100 Women – a poll for the all-time hottest 100 songs by female artists, in response to Australian radio station JJJ’s poll of 2009 which had almost no female artists in the final results.

50% of Americans think women should be forced to take husbands’ last names.



Pictures from inside Iran – nearly 500 pics from the post-election violence.

I Must Go Home to Iran Again – an editorial about living in exile.

Right-wing Intimidation Hinders Democracy – Rachel Maddox clip about the current crazy anthics about the health care reform.

Protect Insurance Companies PSA – sarcastic clip about the health care reform.



Knitted Kitchener Stitch

Magic Loop Tutorial



Books for children – Children’s authors and critics suggest ways of engaging young readers – reviews written by actual authors

Not Oprah’s Book Club Retro Edition: Forever – on sex in young adult literature and why being vague about it doesn’t alway cut it.

Tests for nothing – From a set of guidelines provided by The Princeton Review to writers preparing practice versions of standardized tests.



Dagbok från Iran

Inger Edelfeldt om vårdvalsen

Best of Blocket – insanely amusing collection of Blocket-annonser.



It takes guts to say: ‘I don’t want children’ – in which Polly Vernon discusses being childless by choice.

Yay! French Elle’s amazing no-makeup issue (and why American mags need to step it up)

Top Web ‘Pirates’ Jailed In Landmark Case – about The Pirate Bay case.

On Being a No-Name Blogger Using Her Real Name – Kate Harding writes about cyber bullying, threats and other internet crazies.

I know. I’m surprised by how good looking I am too. – in which Baby Power Dyke counters the “eww, what are you wearing?” looks in the best way ever.

Neil Gaiman reads A Story At Amanda Palmers Edinburgh Show 2009

We don’t just embrace insanity here – illustration about CRAZY.

Makeover for SA gender-row runner – Caster Semeneya tries to prove that she is, in fact, a girl.

When Things Go Too Far: Caster Semenya Suicide Watch

September 12th – a New Yorkers experience of 9/11.

Hannelore Forgets to Wear Pants – from my favourite web comic Questionable Content.

Hannelore and Marigold talk about theoretically liking boys – two of my favourite characters in QC.

Marigold is SO CUTE and blushy – awwww!

Coming Out in Middle School – an adorable article about young gay teens.


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